What People Are Saying About Leighton

"Leighton was great, she worked literally morning, noon and night for us. She went absolutely out of her way to serve us. She even came to our hotel at midnight so we could put in our offer. What service!! Over two weeks after our closing, the other realty company had not removed their sales sign or lockbox. As a result, we had a break-in. The robber told the police he thought the house was empty because of the lockbox and sign. During this time, Leighton tried almost daily to get the lockbox removed. When I called her at 7am to tell her what happened, she had the box off within the hour. Thank you, Leighton!"

                                       - William M.

"I met Leighton Tesche several months ago through some volunteer work she did with a project she had started to get packages sent to forward to deployed Sailors. I wasn’t expecting to buy a house so soon but I knew when the time came she would be the person I would trust because of the dedication she showed and the care she put into the packages. She showed that same dedication and did an amazing job helping my wife and I find the perfect home for our family. She did an outstanding job lining up houses that fit our need and we looked at many over several days over the course of several months. She was always available for any questions we had and gave immediate feedback when needed. She did a great job working with us through a frustrating short sale that we finally did not follow through with which led us to our perfect home here in Foxwood. I have been and will keep recommending Leighton and all the great folks at her office. Thanks again from our happy family!"

                                                                   -Very Respectfully, Jeremy Auler

"We love our house and tell people all the time that The Lord sent us an angel (in her) that found us the perfect house. She is welcome to come by anytime to see what we have done with the place. We are still making some changes but we love living here and THANK THE LORD FOR HER FINDING IT FOR US!"

                                    - Bobbie P.